If you don’t mind me is the plot going to change now that you’re going in a new direction?

Kewalnam: The plot of the story really hasn’t changed that much. Meaning the way it begins and ends are still the same, it’s just the meat of it that has evolved into a more provocative love story. The characters are written in a way that identifies with the reader individually. It’s more 3-dimensional, you live in the plot as the characters or as an observer. We’ve read enough of the stories where the man meets the beautiful woman in Central Park, falls madly in love and looses her to terminal cancer. We’ve seen Justice fall in love with Lucky, we’ve seen Martin and Gina. Now we need to evolve the palette and introduce something more modern, something that is synonymous with where we are as a people, no matter how scary that may be. I started pushing myself by studying the proportions of emotions, I want to write something that’s going to jump off the page and affect you. The way love has affected all of us, this is a story about love, about addiction, about the patriarchy, the matriarchy and the imbalance between the two. We live in the time our forefathers feared and warned us about. A time where cops can snatch an innocent black woman out of her car and 3 days later she winds up dead. How do we maintain functional relationships with one another in a time where it seems as if the world is falling apart? How do we define love today? And do we like what it’s all come to mean? That’s where the direction has gone, that’s how the plot has changed.


Do you think your readers are going to be confused with this new direction? and if so how are you going to deal with that?

K: No I don’t think so, I think my readers are pretty smart people.


What will be the name of this new novel?



Has the release date changed now that you’ve changed some parts of your novel?

K: As of yet, no it hasn’t changed. I feel like MJ in the 4th quarter, I got this.


I appreciate how you have now taken the present day struggles of our people and morphed it into a love story for your readers to understandcan you see yourself applying this to the rest of your work?

K: Yeah, it’s apart of my mode as a being. I internalize all that’s happening around me. Soak it up like a sponge and then squeeze it all into one project. It’s emotionally tiring, but the reward is great art. As we speak I’m mulling over a sentence for the second chapter even though it was done since January of this year. But it’s about creating a story for the people not a story for the shelves. I’m currently watching various documentaries and films on the subjects of love and feminism. I’m studying Meta-modern architecture and the sensibilities of fabrics. And though these things seem separate they have a lot to do with crafting a story. A REAL story, something that lives and breathes as we do and will continue long after my existence. I plan on applying this not only to literature but to every facet of creativity I put my fingers too. I’m a creator for the people, the middle man between the ethereal and our reality.


Since you’re pouring so much of yourself into this novel will you be taking a break after releasing this novel? 

Yes actually, I’m going to spend time doing promos for the book, interviews, readings, etc… But for the most part Im going on vacation with the family. Everyone needs a time off after this, my whole team Dharam, Chris, Jah, Tah, Von, Ace, Pj, Marcii, Val. We’re gonna do something special as a family. But not for to long, I got stories, I got a whole clip loaded.